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bourbon hot chocolate

Yes, I’m posting about hot chocolate in June. As I write this, it is 48 degrees outside and our heat is on. Yes, I’m clearly smitten with bourbon and it finds its way into so many things I’ve made lately. And no, I don’t only consume chocolate, heavy cream, and bourbon, though if I were the type of person with a raging metabolism, I probably would. As good as it is on the rocks with ginger ale and lime on a hot summer day, the sweet warmth of bourbon also serves as an excellent comfort drink for a wet, cold-to-the-bone kind of day. 

talking with Anne Geddes

This week, I received an email from my former colleagues at letting me know we had a very special opportunity to talk with Anne Geddes. Naturally, I agreed to do the interview. One of the most prolific photographers of our time, this woman inspired so many others to break away from standard portraiture with images that tell a story. She doesn’t create photographs; she creates iconic works of art using the most pure and innocent subject matter that exists.

working parents

must see this week #3: the many personas of working mothers

Apologies, readers.  I meant to publish this days ago, but I got hit with a really terrible case of good ol’ Influenza and I’ve been in bed for four days.   Enjoy this next recommendation.   Working Mothers by photographer Alice Proujansky   While looking something up at work, I stumbled upon a photography project that blew me away and touched me so much that it made me choke up.  Alice Proujansky has an ongoing project on her site called “Working Mothers.”  Without words, it shows just how many personas are wrapped up into one working mother.  Working mothers have to be powerful and articulate enough to present in meetings, yet flip the switch at any given moment and kiss boo boos, clean vomit, nurse fevers, and buy diapers.  They have to maintain an air of professionalism yet also dash away to private places to hook pumps up to their breasts to nourish their babies. I struggle every single day with trying to understand how a full-time working mother could ever find balance.  I think about …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I just discovered the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which promotes inspiration and creativity to all of us in the WordPress Community.  I love assignments. This week’s challenge is Family, which is easy for me.  I’m an obsessive photo taker when it comes to family because my family is everything to me. These photos are all from the month of January, the most recent being from this past weekend when I had the honor of celebrating my 35th birthday with Grammy Alice, who turns 92 this year. There are also many family members out there that I’m missing very much. XO

Ten on Ten September 2013

September is so beautiful.  Between the garden, Anderson, and Grammy C being at our house, finding photo inspiration for Ten on Ten was really easy this month.  For more information on Ten on Ten, visit: a bit of sunshine. Speaking of photo-related things, I’m extremely excited to be starting Picture Everyday with Tracey Clark at Big Picture Classes.  There is still time to register!  The first prompt isn’t until Monday.  I’ll share a bit about it after the class ends in 8 weeks. Also, if you are feeling crafty, stop by to read a recent post I wrote on making sunprints.  Trust me, they are an inexpensive, quick, and rewarding project.  Plus they look darn cool on your wall.  These are made from herbs in my herb garden (dill, rosemary, thyme, and chives). On to Ten on Ten!  I wasn’t able to perfectly time these to take a picture each hour for ten hours because of that whole “job” thing, but they are scattered throughout the day. Happy September!  September, to me, means harvest. …

Ten on Ten August 2013

The 10th of the month hasn’t been cooperative the last few months, so what a joy when the 10th of August happened to fall on a day when Anderson and I decided to hop in the car to meet Grammy and Papa in Ogunquit, ME.  Ogunquit has so many good memories for us.  The first real “weekend away” for Chris and I happened to be in Ogunquit eight years ago.  It is a beautiful place with the Marginal Way walk and Perkins Cove and the BEST coffee shop on the planet.  Where else on earth can you have a really great cup of coffee while sitting on the beach? So, here is our little day in Ogunquit on the 10th of August. For more information about Ten on Ten, visit my inaugural Ten on Ten post or the creator of Ten on Ten, Rebekah Gough. It was a good day. Related articles Traveling to Ogunquit, Maine ( The Leaning Tree in Ogunquit, Maine (

how does our garden grow?

There are spots of our little yard that are totally overgrown.  I have a forsythia and a blackberry bush ready to take over one side of my house and a grapevine that blows my mind whenever I pull in my driveway.  How can one vine coming up out of the ground take up 15-20 feet of fence?   I love looking at it!  There are also spots that are loaded with weeds that I just can’t get to right now and I’ve found peace with it for now.  That said, I’m pretty proud of what we do have growing and that things are in relatively decent shape.  I’ll never know how Chris and I fit so much into one little yard. I had the opportunity to borrow a lens (Nikon 50mm f/1.8 prime) and play with it a bit.  It isn’t a macro lens, but I couldn’t resist running around my yard to capture botanical details and the beautiful bokeh (blurred background) that happens with an aperture of 1.8.  All photos in this post were …

green glass, green vase

Ten on Ten May 2013

Well, here I am on May 30th posting photos from May 10th!  That’s how life has been lately.  I think in blog posts, yet there isn’t always time to actually write them or unload photos from my memory cards.  Now that photography is incorporated into my work life, I’m not always using my personal computer, and I’m sometimes using loaner cameras, my photo organization is an utter mess.  Next up for me: some sortof photo workflow.  When working on photography books at my last job, there was always this term floating around: workflow.  It never really mattered to me.  I totally get it now. Oh do I get it.  I think I see Lightroom in my near future. Anyway, back to Ten on Ten.  You can read more about the Ten on Ten project created by A Bit of Sunshine here from my very first Ten on Ten last month. This happened to fall on a day I was working from home and I headed out on a solo road trip that evening, so I …

Ten on Ten April 2013

I love A Bit of Sunshine.  It is just that — a bit of sunshine in my day when there is a new post up.  Rebekah Gough is the author of this lovely blog and she is a crafter, a mom, and a photographer.  Her photographs are to die for.  She has an amazing style and she captures the spirit of her subjects, particularly children. Oh, and I got to meet her last week while she was in Boston.  Yup.  She’s even better in real life. She created the idea of Ten on Ten.  Every 10th of the month, take one picture each hour for ten hours.  I’ve been excited about it for weeks and finally, today (the 10th) arrived.  I admit, it was harder than I thought it would be while working.  I was working from my home today, so I did indeed take a quick photo break each hour.  I think the idea of an assignment like this is good for a few reasons.  First, it forces you to take the time to …