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Ten on Ten April 2013

I love A Bit of Sunshine.  It is just that — a bit of sunshine in my day when there is a new post up.  Rebekah Gough is the author of this lovely blog and she is a crafter, a mom, and a photographer.  Her photographs are to die for.  She has an amazing style and she captures the spirit of her subjects, particularly children.

Oh, and I got to meet her last week while she was in Boston.  Yup.  She’s even better in real life.

She created the idea of Ten on Ten.  Every 10th of the month, take one picture each hour for ten hours.  I’ve been excited about it for weeks and finally, today (the 10th) arrived.  I admit, it was harder than I thought it would be while working.  I was working from my home today, so I did indeed take a quick photo break each hour.  I think the idea of an assignment like this is good for a few reasons.  First, it forces you to take the time to create.  Second, it makes you practice your craft.  Third, it makes you look at your daily life in a different, more appreciative way.  Last, but not least, Rebekah’s idea creates a sense of community because after your photos are up, you get to paste the link on her site with the other blogs taking part in this project. Brilliant, I say.

Here is my inaugural Ten on Ten post.  I tried not to use my iPhone and only use my Nikon, but wiggly one year olds and big cameras don’t always work well together.  My first photo is with my iPhone as you can clearly see.  The rest are with a Nikon D3100.  Descriptions of each photo are below the gallery.

12 3 4 5678910
1. Part of the morning routine that I love because Anderson loves brushing his teeth.  I sing brush, brush, brush while he chews his toothbrush and tries to take mine out of my mouth.

2. I am always tempted to rush through breakfast and then I almost always remember to stop and savor the moment, because I won’t have this forever.  I’m slowly letting him use his own spoon and it is horrifically messy and completely adorable.

3. I’m also taking the online course Picturing Spring with Tracey Clark.  My assignment today was to find something beautiful among daily chores.  I love my Method soap because this is one of my favorite colors, it smells really delicious, and they don’t test on animals.

4. I walked Anderson to daycare and on my way back, I stopped at my favorite local coffee shop and treated myself to a frothy coffee and this chocolate croissant.

5. My red leaf plum flowering blooms died and I have forsythia now in their place.  I love the long branches and blooms, but I love the flowers that are stuck in the jar even more.

6. My mom says if you  have more than three of one thing, you are a collector.  I definitely am a collector of teal blue glass jars/vases (especially my beloved blue Mason jar from my grandmother).  I think that means I’m a collector of cats too….

7. I went to a baby shower recently and these measuring spoons were the favor.  A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter, and a heap of love.

8. A friend gave Anderson these three books for his birthday.  There is no way he won’t be a recycler, composter, and gardener.  Of course he’ll be a gardener.  I’m going to start training him this summer.

9. I didn’t shower today.  After I dropped Anderson off, I launched right into writing the monthly newsletter for work.  My hair was a mess.  I was wearing a ratty sweatshirt.  I wanted to find some piece of myself that felt pretty.  Voila — I can’t live without earrings.

10. Oh I just love him. He loves being naked.  I cropped out his little man parts just because.  Trust me, his perfect, naked self is just too cute to post.  You’ll have to settle for this charming “look at me I’m standing up and I think I’m awesome” smile.


  1. oh these are just the best I am so excited that you are joining in the fun!! I loved meeting you too, you are truly a friend for life I could tell :)…that Mr.Anderson is a heartbreaker and I love the portraits of you beautiful Mama, nice job juggling work and home life you’re amazing Cara!

  2. Sarah says

    Ten on Ten…what a wonderful idea! I enjoyed reading your post today & have subscribed to your blog…..Anderson is so precious, just like his mama. Sending love and hugs your way, cousin! ❤

  3. LOVE the pics. I am going to try and find those books for my little ones right now. We love to garden, so they’re perfect. 🙂

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