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Ten on Ten May 2013

green glass, green vase

Well, here I am on May 30th posting photos from May 10th!  That’s how life has been lately.  I think in blog posts, yet there isn’t always time to actually write them or unload photos from my memory cards.  Now that photography is incorporated into my work life, I’m not always using my personal computer, and I’m sometimes using loaner cameras, my photo organization is an utter mess.  Next up for me: some sortof photo workflow.  When working on photography books at my last job, there was always this term floating around: workflow.  It never really mattered to me.  I totally get it now. Oh do I get it.  I think I see Lightroom in my near future.

Anyway, back to Ten on Ten.  You can read more about the Ten on Ten project created by A Bit of Sunshine here from my very first Ten on Ten last month.

This happened to fall on a day I was working from home and I headed out on a solo road trip that evening, so I actually only took 9 photos.

Here is my very late NINE on Ten.

morning coffee in a bird mug (I love pretty mugs and I love things with birds)

morning coffee in a bird mug (I love pretty mugs and I love things with birds)

purple tulip

dramatic purple tulip from my garden

green glass, green vase

the glass from this petite antique vase (given to me by a dear friend) was so pretty in the bright sun coming through the window

aden and anais blankets, baby blankets

these blankets make me very nostalgic for the newborn swaddling days

pink flowering tree

I’m obsessed with flowering trees. This beauty was spotted on the way back from the walk to daycare. It was so heavy with flowers.

chocolate cookie

I didn’t just photograph it. I ate it.

purple tulips

more purple tulips in my very wild garden that needs some attention

water droplet on a hosta, leaf

while trying out a borrowed lens, I spotted a water droplet on a hosta – but I’m not sure what that mysterious little yellow thing is

literary magnets

These magnets (Shakespeare, Woolf, Dickens, Tolstoy, and the outsider Monet) have been on my fridge for years. They are now hung very low and belong to Anderson who loves to play with them. Funny story. He recently took Virginia Woolf from the fridge, climbed the stairs to the bathroom, and put her in still-filled baby tub. He must have just known that drowning was her choice. Back to the photo. This is a little view from his perspective, complete with one of our three black cats in the background.

I’ll try to be a little more timely next month!


  1. Tracy Tighe says

    Lovely pics! I just recently bought those same swaddling blankets for my friend Nicole who just today gave birth to twins! She lives in Revere. 🙂

  2. Carolee says

    The pictures are gorgeous! Love this post- so much beauty and warmth. And a little baby wonderfulness sprinkled in.

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