Month: May 2015

food with friends: treasured wine and chocolate mousse

My how weekend nights with friends have changed with parenthood. What used to be late nights of excessive imbibing, decadent food, perhaps some sort of objectionable board game, and raucous laughter has morphed into takeout, the sounds of running feet and something Disney in the background (or maybe The Gruffalo if we’re feeling particularly highbrow), and sippy cups sitting among the highball glasses (consumed very gently now, as young children and hangovers do not mix). I’m not complaining. It is priceless. 

talking with Anne Geddes

This week, I received an email from my former colleagues at letting me know we had a very special opportunity to talk with Anne Geddes. Naturally, I agreed to do the interview. One of the most prolific photographers of our time, this woman inspired so many others to break away from standard portraiture with images that tell a story. She doesn’t create photographs; she creates iconic works of art using the most pure and innocent subject matter that exists.

earth month

But I’ll push myself up through the dirt And shake my petals free I’m resolved to being born And so resigned to bravery -Dar Williams, “Spring String” (from The Green World) Some like to have a fresh start on New Year’s Eve, but my fresh start comes in April. April pulls me out of the dark winter with tiny buds of promise. It brings actual earthy smells in the air, rain, dirt, plants, longer days, color, and time spent away from the drudgery of technology. It also brings memories of my time with Anderson as a newborn, which is one of the happiest times of my life. It pulls me out of survival mode and allows me to look forward to simple things, like camping on Memorial Day and playing on the beach and ocean path runs. With Earth Day on the mind, it is also a perfect time for a “check in” with how we are doing from an environmental standpoint. We do a pretty good job, but we can do better. I thought I’d share a few …