Month: March 2013

change is good

A close friend sent me this text message recently and it brought tears to my eyes. I have always loved you sweet friend, but I like this Cara who is slowed down.  Your job was killing you.  It’s so nice to see you in this space. I haven’t yet mentioned a huge change in my life that took place two months ago. After nearly nine years of blood, sweat, and tears at my last job, I decided to leave.  2012 was a dramatic year for me in terms of my career.   I left for my maternity leave extremely stressed and unhappy at one company, working 10-12 hour days preparing the division I managed for an acquisition.  I returned from maternity leave to a brand new company that provided a much happier, healthier experience.  Returning from maternity leave is, however, an emotional and tumultuous experience in itself and probably one of the most stressful things a new mom can go through.  One day, you are a full time mom with the important job of caring …

happy spring!

I saw tulips peeking out the other day. Spring is officially here today, even though New England still has snow on the ground from our latest storm.  Every year at this time, I clip a few twigs from the red leaf plum tree out front, followed by forsythia, and place them in water to force the blooms.  It is my own farewell to winter. Here is a little forced red leaf plum photo shoot. The photos are taken with my iphone and a Sigma Merrill DP-3.  I also took photos with a Diana/120 film, but unfortunately they aren’t developed yet.  I’ll add them to to this post at a later time.