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why I love Saturday mornings (in Instagram)

Every saturday, I wake up to a smiling little boy that I get to spend ALL day with.  Our tradition, weather permitting, is to go out and water and weed the garden together.  I tell him what all of the plants are (while pretending he understands me).  Just in the past week or two, he started to reach out to grab the flowers, which is completely adorable.

This morning, I had my cell phone with me and decided to take some pictures of the garden via Instagram. I hope you enjoy seeing how our garden grows.

dahlia bloom

Martha Washington tomato

Fortex string bean

large, gorgeous sunflowers growing in a pot on the deck

and a happy little friend enjoying a snack

these Metro butternut squash plants growing in our potato pots from last year are out of control!

sweet pepper


romaine lettuce



cucumber blossom

thanks to sunshine, water, and my little helper, I have…

a lovely garden haul of carrots, onions, lettuce, string beans, dill, and a pretty bouquet (though I have to find out why my onions are so small)

which also became dinner! baby carrots, onions, dill, and string beans sauteed with sherry, garlic powder, and Earth Balance

and when I need to see my sweet baby’s face, I just have to look down

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