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why I love Saturday mornings (in Instagram)

Every saturday, I wake up to a smiling little boy that I get to spend ALL day with.  Our tradition, weather permitting, is to go out and water and weed the garden together.  I tell him what all of the plants are (while pretending he understands me).  Just in the past week or two, he started to reach out to grab the flowers, which is completely adorable. This morning, I had my cell phone with me and decided to take some pictures of the garden via Instagram. I hope you enjoy seeing how our garden grows.

getting the veggies in

I had no idea if we’d even get a veggie garden in this year.  I had no plan like I did last year. I never started the seeds I purchased. When there is a new baby in the house, any spare time is devoted to washing bottles, washing laundry, and just maybe catching a nap every now and again! One day, when Anderson was four weeks old, we went outside to weed a little and the temperature was just right for lettuce and beets. After that, it just seemed to be too chilly to take him out.  Things were really a mess. Loads of empty pots… Mounds of weeds where seedlings should be… Overgrown herbs, also buried in weeds… Tons of seeds just waiting and begging to be planted. Things were really in sad shape. So…I called in the troops: mom and dad. My mom watched Anderson.  You can tell it was such a HUGE favor. My dad and I set out to get the veggies in.  He worked the beds.  They were loaded with tree …