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kitty drama

Today has just been full of drama and chaos.

First, because we are redoing our living room, it is virtually empty and the living room stuff is in piles in other locations. We also have no sofa to sit on.  It is being delivered tonight.

even little Stevie cat in the corner is hot…and wanting a place to lay down

Second, it is smoldering hot. I mean really hot.  Chris had to go stand in the baby pool to cool off.  I may just do the same.

The day started with the power going out at my office, which resulted in trying to track down my colleagues to tell them to work at home and notifying the appropriate parties at our parent company.  Then, of course, the networks were down.  I finally just had to let a bunch of items from my to-do list go today.  Insert scene from the movie Office Space where they beat the crap out of some equipment.

Then, we had to bring Anderson for his four month checkup…with shots of course. I was so prepared to hear that cry that breaks my heart.  Instead, he didn’t even make a face.  I can’t believe it.  We did, however, learn that he is only at the 12th percentile in weight, so we are on a mission to get this little boy to gain!  First step: brown rice cereal to reduce spitting up.  He is in the 85th percentile for height, so perhaps we have a little basketball player on our hands? Regardless of being tall and skinny (unlike his parents), he is very healthy and I made a decision not to worry about his weight and how it stacks up to other 4 month old baby boys.  He is currently passed out in his car seat and I don’t have the heart to move him.

So, onto the bad news. We are a three cat household and sometimes, that means fights can break out.  Cats are notoriously territorial and mischievous. This is especially true with our one little devil, Spooky.  He can be a very loving cat and we adore him, but he also has major aggression at times.  This aggression has now resulted in 3 trips to Angel Memorial between two cats over the last 3 years or so.  One of these episodes brought our not-so-little Winston to the kitty ER last night when Chris noticed he wasn’t moving his tail. 

beautiful Winston

It turns out that he had a wound on his back (from a fight) that was infected and he had to have surgery and stay overnight last night.  We just got the call that he is OK and we can pick him up in a few hours to bring him home.  During that call, I also approved extra tests on little (big) Winston because they found he has elevated calcium levels.  I was told that it could be nothing or it could be an indication of cancer.  We will know more when we have the tests again in 5 days.  He is part of our family, so this brings Chris and I both anxiety.  It is funny how the universe works.  If the fight hadn’t broken out, we wouldn’t have known Winston may not have been feeling up to par.

We also talked with the Dr. about how to handle this and we came up with a plan.  Provided Spooky has a healthy liver and kidneys, he will be going on kitty anxiety medication this week as well.  I don’t love the idea of medicating an animal, but we just can’t have this happening over and over again. 

I must say, I’m proud of how Chris and I have handled today.  We have been cool as cucumbers.  Go team.

Regardless of whether you are a kitty parent or a human parent (or any other kind of parent), the worry never seems to end.  Worry=love. 

If you have any fighting cat stories or wisdom to share, please do.  I’ll update you on Winston’s status when I know more.  Think happy kitty thoughts for him.

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