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3 miles for 3 years

Today was my very favorite run called I’m Trying.  I wrote about it last year because it was my first 5k ever.  Take a moment to read the story of how the road race came to be and who it honors.  My reason for trying is, of course, my mother who has been battling cancer for three years now.

Where I’ve been training is  just beautiful.

At 6:00 AM this morning, we took a dino pajama-clad sleepy boy and drove up to Hampton, NH, which is also a lovely coastal town.

dino jammies

This year was extra special for a few reasons.  First, my father-in-law and his girlfriend, Lulu stopped by and were there at the finish line.  How great to hear the cheering and see their smiling faces! Next, my excited son ran to me near the finish line and begged me to “go fast,” so I held him as I finished.  He’s definitely hooked on hearing a cheering crowd at the end of the finish line because he asked me to do it several more times after.

I also got to meet Leigh, one of the daughters of Daragh Shannon, who the run honors.  She and I have been corresponding ever since she found and commented on this post and it warmed my heart to meet her.  She may be the nicest person I’ve ever met.  Our kids even bonded over Thomas the Tank Engine.

Last, but not least, my parents actually signed up and walked the 5K this year!  Can you believe they got the numbers 1 and 2?  Who ever gets those numbers?


It was a great day full of both remembrance as well as celebrating life (and letting Anderson cross the finish line as many times as possible).

photo[1] photo[3] photo[7] photo[4] family
And what better way to end the day than dipping toes in the ocean?



  1. Cate says

    Cara! So wonderful to read your blog, this piece, and to know that we’ll be working together again! Your boy and family and beautiful. Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon.

    • CATE BARR!!! Oh my goodness! So good to hear from you and cannot wait to see your smiling face soon! I’ll be there on Monday. I had asked about you and thought you weren’t there anymore. What a treat!

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