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must watch this week #1: Rachel Parent, Kevin O’Leary, and the ickiest corporation out there–Monsanto

I originally intended to quickly share a selection of things watched and read that I found inspiring so far this week, but as it turns out, I have a lot to say about some of these things!  So, for the next four days, I’ll share with you one interesting thing to watch or read each day.  This first item is a video that you must watch and I’ve provided an opinionated context for you if you aren’t in the know regarding Monsanto.
Rachel Parent Rips Kevin O’Leary a New One in GMO debate
This is actually not new at all, but it was new to me.  Rachel Parent, a 14 year old activist (founder of Kids Right to Know) is quite vocal regarding Montsanto and the lack of GMO labeling.  Her young, articulate, fresh voice gained media attention and she challenged Kevin O’Leary (business/finance guru and journalist, though I use the word “journalist” loosely) to a debate, which he accepted and had her on his show.  Click here to watch the video.  If I could be 14 again, I would choose to be Rachel Parent.  Why couldn’t I have been this cool?

Her main issue is with labeling.  Because these Frankenfoods have not been extensively tested for safety and long-term health (not to mention environmental impact…oh I could go on), it is only fair that we have the right to know–as consumers–if a food product we are buying contains GMO ingredients.  O’Leary is clearly pro GMO and definitely tries to—condescendingly—show Rachel how wrong she is to oppose GMO (what planet is he on?).  Instead, he makes himself look like a bit of an ass by suggesting she is anti-science and is a “shill for environmentalists.”  This young, informed woman knows the facts – that GMO foods are simply bad on every level.  

If you are unaware of what is going on with Monsanto and GMO foods, I would suggest doing a little research because it is pretty terrifying.  If you think it doesn’t affect you, let me leave you with some (non GMO) food for thought.  Do you eat Morningstar Farms, Pepperidge Farm, or Pillsbury foods?  If yes–and most of us eat these items–then this affects you.
If you eat a plant that is genetically modified to grow its own pesticide, simply imagine what the long term effects on the human body will be when research has continually shown the negative health impacts of pesticides. The EPA even lists pesticides as being carcinogens as well as having an impact on the hormone and endocrine system.  Yum!  Sign me up for corn that causes cancer, please! Also, imagine what the world will be like if ONE CORPORATION basically owns the rights to all food.  Yes, all food.  Approximately 80% of U.S. corn and 90% of soybeans are attributable to Monsanto. If you grow Monsanto seeds, you are legally not allowed to use the seed the following year for a new crop.  You’ll have to go back to Monsanto to get another batch of seeds.  If they find out you have harvested seed, they will sue you, and they’ve won every single case in court thus far.  Oh and God forbid you grow open-pollinated, heirloom plants anywhere near where GMO seed can blow over to your field and contaminate your organic, non-GM plants.  If they do, and you find yourself growing Monsanto patented plants on accident, they can sue you, the small farmer.   Read more about this here.
Stick to the heirloom plants and don’t trust Monsanto’s propaganda that sends messages out there that GMO food/seeds are OK.  They aren’t OK.  Unfortunately, nobody has as much money as Montsanto does, and money usually wins out.  (PS. Our Chief Agricultural Negotiator, appointed by Obama, is a pesticide lobbyist and VP of Science at the lobbying group that represents Monsanto.  So, our government is definitely not looking out for us on this issue. Great.)  We need biodiversity, friends, and Monsanto is slowly but surely eliminating diversity, creating a food system that is completely dependent on this really scary company.  I don’t want the world food supply and my ability to eat and live to be in the hands of a greedy, corrupt, huge corporation.
For a printable list of Monsanto brands to avoid, click here.


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