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How is it possible that this little being…
babynow says stuff?  Like, real words?  When did he go from baby to little boy?

I’m siiicckkk.  Bleh.  I have a terrible summer cold and battled a wretched fever last night that had me wishing for death.  I’ve been cranky and unbearable.  My poor husband hid from me yesterday.  I couldn’t even stand myself.  Then, today, my baby boy kept yelling for bubbles, which pulled me out of my misery.  Not just bubbo.  He accentuated the s at the end.  Let me tell you, I blew as many bubbleS as I could.

Here is a self-indulgent post for you:  a list of the words that are coming out of his little teething mouth everyday–because I don’t want to forget this stage of complete wonder.  We can see his wheels turning constantly as he tries something new and as he figures things out.  He is a daring one, this child, and oh so curious.  He doesn’t understand what embarrassment is yet.  He shamelessly gets excited when he is really proud of himself and claps for joy when he has accomplished a new feat.  He loves being the center of attention and will loudly say all that is on his mind to as many people as possible, even if some of the words may be words only he understands.  If only we could all be so free.

I learned that today he stood on the top of the little table at daycare and danced.  That is a perfect representation of his personality.  I’d like to be him when I grow up.

Here is life according to Anderson.  I can’t capture just how he says some of these things and how endearing his mouth and expression are as he says some of these things, but let me just tell you that it is adorable. Well, we’re his parents, so we think everything is adorable.  He copies how we say things.   So, “there you are” is a very accentuated, high-pitched exclamation, just like you’d say if a you were playing hide-and-go-seek and yelled “there you are!” at someone.

  • hi (first frequently used word)
  • bye (buh-bye)
  • Momma
  • Dadda
  • also known as MommaDadda when we are together
  • ball
  • bubbles (bub-ohs)
  • apple (app-oh)
  • cat
  • car (cah like a true Bostonian)
  • Papa (aka his Grandpa Bob)
  • Up
  • Elmo (mel-moh)
  • alright
  • there you are (thay–u-ah)
  • hot
  • cold (coal)
  • cool (cooo-al)
  • night night (nigh nigh)
  • awww (this is what we call “love on the run” because he will lay on a cat and say this or lay his head in our laps and say this–quickly–and then he is on to the next thing)
  • mine (my least favorite word right now, said when he wants something- which is basically all the time)
  • boat
  • ow
  • neighborhood (bay-bo-hood) This is a weird one, I know.  It is because we look out the window or door and say “hi neighborhood”
  • tree (tee)
  • wow
  • go (he learned from his dad yelling at the neighborhood cats to get out of our garden…only now he thinks he is supposed to yell GO at all cats, including our indoor cats)

We’re working hard on please.

I know I’m forgetting some here, but that is exactly why I want to write this down.  My favorite, I think, is night night.  I love that he will point to a bed or lay down on a pillow, say “nigh nigh” and suck his two middle fingers.

We also can’t forget animal sounds! Monkey (ooh-ooh-ooh-ah-ah-ah), bear (raaahhhr), chicken (bah-bah-bah).

AAAGGGHH, I just love him!


I just realized this was my 100th blog post on 1veggie!  Oh how life has changed since I first started….


  1. Scott says

    Congrats on 100 posts Cara! Anderson and I would both say ‘wow’ to that.

  2. Arlene DiCorcia(Carrie and Bob's neighbor) says

    You forgot wazat which is my favorite. And the look on his face when he said happy

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