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good reads from this week

Hello!  I haven’t had much time to write lately, so I’m pointing you to a few other great reads that I stumbled upon this past week.  I’m making it a point to take the time to read a few bits each day during lunch or my morning coffee.

First, there are a few new posts up at my other site, 1veggie mom!
A visual tour of my very favorite room, Anderson’s nursery, along with my suggestions for your baby registry.  HERE
A few thoughts on the importance of a name and how Anderson’s name came to be.  HERE

For you animal lovers and vegetarians
If you don’t already know about Kris Karr, you should take a moment to visit her site.  She makes being a healthy vegan look very sexy.  I discovered an older post of hers via twitter that is meant to help you deal with friends and family if you are planning any big life changes (like going vegetarian or vegan for example, or giving up refined sugar, or quitting smoking, literally anything would apply here).  HERE

If you miss meat but refuse to eat animal, perhaps you’ll be psyched at the possibility of test tube meat?  Peta is offering a very hefty cash reward for the scientist that can deliver.  HERE

If you are feeling crafty…
Young House Love (seriously great blog) inspired me to actually do something with my Instagram photos, since they really do capture our family life on a daily basis.  Some of my favorite Anderson shots are from Instagram.   HERE
Of course I have to share the most recent one with you now because I’m obsessed with his cute-ness.  We let him have a few bits of my birthday cake.  He would eat nothing but cake now if we allowed it.
cakeSpeaking of cake, Real Simple sent out a tutorial on how to make a heart-shaped cake.  Who knew it could be that simple?  HERE is the link to the original blog that Real Simple referenced.
Oh, and here is the cake my husband made (and frosted it while holding Anderson and sharing the frosting with him).  It was too cute not to share.  It isn’t in the shape of a heart.  The frosting is from a jar.  The cake is from a box.  But, it was the best cake ever.
34th cake

General life reads
I love Grammar Girl!  Interesting discovery found via twitter today on starting a sentence with However (which I do often).  When to do it and when not to.  HERE
If you don’t read Zen Habits, you have to start.  Every post is wonderful.  I found a recent one particularly interesting called The Power of Habit Investments. HERE


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