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best and worst

It was a good week.  A VERY good week.  I wish every week could be like this past week.  I feel like a very lucky girl.


A drowsy, rainy Saturday morning…a hot cup of coffee…a quiet house…a sleeping baby on my chest…and reading my current book (The House at Riverton by Kate Morton).

Having my mom here for a few days this week to help me with a big house project.  Included in that would be stopping for a break to play the “Where’s Anderson” game.

Including our first harvest in one of our dinners: arugula!  The brown mass, vegan citrus spareribs by Vegetarian Plus, is actually quite yummy.  Pardon the bad cell phone picture.

After many rainy days, finally getting back out with my peanut. We went for a walk on the Minuteman trail in Lexington with my friend and her two little girls.  A big surprise?  We saw a horse!

Having tea,  bruschetta, and other veg munchies with my mom while discussing life and this wonderful article on creating time to change your life (from one of my favorite blogs: Zen Habits).

Visiting family.

And the snuggliest cat I’ve ever met.

Who also thought he was a baby.

Last, but not least, getting a new haircut!

And, of course, coming home to one of the coolest dudes ever.


Rain…rain…rain…and more rain.  It is impossible to go for power walks in the rain! Plus, I think it drowned some of my sunflower seeds before they had a chance to sprout.

Anticipating my delivery of one of the best books of all time, Good Night Moon, only to realize I ooopsed on my order!

Wishing my dad could have joined us this past week.

Getting free Clear: Scalp and Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner in the mail (as an Amazon Vine reviewer), only to discover that it is tested on animals.  Booh!  Who knew a product called “clear” would have cow byproducts?  You can read my review here.

Share your best and worst!

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  1. Tracy Tighe says

    Sounds like the “Best” far outweighed the “Worst” and thats a wonderful thing. LOVE the haircut too! 🙂

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