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happy anniversary for us

Just taking a moment to celebrate a very important day!  Two years ago today, I married one of the most amazing people on the planet — Chris.

© Bree Bailey Photography

Here are just a few reasons why he is so perfect.

1. He loves animals.  More than the average person.  Picture this.  Just this past week, I was sick.  I mean SICK.  He ran out to the store at 5:00 am to pick up some medicine after being up with me for hours.  On his way back to the house, he saw a “kitten” on the side of the road with a yogurt cup stuck on its head.  It appeared to be struggling.  He got out of the car to help and realized it was a skunk right around the moment the poor little guy got the yogurt cup loose from his head.  I asked Chris what he would have done if the skunk had not gotten the cup loose.  He said–without pause–that he still would have helped it because the poor thing would die of starvation.  How many people would rescue a skunk?

2. He always takes care of me when times are tough.   Staying up with me all night this past week while I was sick is nothing compared to what he had to deal with last fall.  For a good month or more after my bicycle accident, I couldn’t bathe or dress myself.  Chris did this for me (how romantic, right?) without grumble or complaint.

3. He is the funniest person I know and he doesn’t even try.

4. He is incredibly quiet, which makes everything he says that much more meaningful.

5. A few months ago, when I talked to him about my far-fetched dream of starting a vegetable farm, he looked at me and asked me why it had to be a dream.  He–who once said he never wanted to live more than a T ride away from Boston–now peruses real estate weekly to keep up on available potential farm land for us.

6. He embraced growing with such passion that I still can’t believe.   If I had a dollar for every time I’ve come home to a new plant or project, I’d be rich (and I don’t have a large yard).  It is Chris who decided to grow potatoes.  It is Chris who purchased more pots and planted squash on his own.  It is Chris who searched and searched until he found a great seed-starting system to replace the shoddy make-shift system we had prior. It is Chris who purchased a worm composter and it is Chris who called me frantic at work because some of our tomatoes were starting to get blossom end rot (how did he even know what blossom end rot was?).

7.  The little things he does.  Just the other day, he bought a new shower curtain.  Seriously, what guy goes to buy a new shower curtain? He does stuff like this all the time.

8. He loves my parents.  Those who are married know how much easier life is when spouse and in-laws have a harmonious relationship.  Just recently, my needle and hospital-hating husband came to my mom’s chemotherapy with us as a surprise to her.  She was so excited that he came and he made the day better.

9.He is really thoughtful.  On our one broke Christmas, he literally wrote and performed a love song to me.

10. He cleans the litter box.  With three cats, this is no small task.  Nuff said.


  1. Jackie says

    Happy Anniversary to you two! Many blessings. Chris is a catch.. so are you! Xo

  2. Bob & Carrie says

    Happy Anniversary! True love, thats what we see in those wedding pictures & all the things
    you wrote about about Chris shows he practices real love. We love you both so much.
    Mom & Dad Anderson

  3. It makes me so happy when my partner comes and weeds my garden with me! Something I never expected, since it’s “my” project. So, I can dig what you’re saying! It is awesome to hear you have found someone who can share and support your passions like that. 🙂

    And to add to your skunk story … I’ve heard tell of a person who opened the door to a skunk sitting on the porch, with a bottle stuck on its head. The skunk waited quietly. The woman decided to help it, and pulled the bottle off its head. The skunk did not spray! It waddled away, apparently grateful for the help it had sought.

    I think skunks are largely misunderstood. I appreciate them for helping reduce the population of insects who tear into the garden, and like them as much as I like the mischevious raccoons!

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