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a week of spring: forsythia

I really do despise television.  I’ve been called pretentious for saying those words but I can’t help it.  Sometimes I do watch old episodes of Law & Order or CSI (I’m a crime novel junkie, so these shows do appeal to me).  If I’m ill, I’ll watch really terrible Lifetime made-for-TV movies with the hope of falling asleep.  Normally, TV just makes me feel like I’ve wasted time and I’d honestly rather listen to music.  The last time I really got into a TV show, it was The Pillars of the Earth miniseries, which is based on one of my favorite books.

Whenever people are talking about new TV shows, I usually glaze over…until my mother somehow recently got me hooked on American Idol.  Tonight, I found myself asking Chris to take a break from his hockey game so that I could see who got kicked off Idol this week.  He did it with a faux scowl (and all the sports-loving men reading this probably think I’m horrible) , but who can argue with someone who literally never asks to watch a TV program?

As I sit here and look forward to Casey’s performance next week (while hoping America stops voting for Haley), I’ll share with you my Thursday spring picture.

Forsythia is one of the most amazing spring blooms. It flowers before growing leaves, which creates an intense yellow ball. Forsythia is really easy to root. If you cut a few branches from an available bush (and no, I'm not suggesting you steal...unless you know you won't get caught in an embarrassing situation), you can put them in water and they will root! Be sure to change the water frequently to keep it from becoming stagnate and stinky.


  1. Spring is well and truly upon us here in England, we have just had nearly 2 weeks of 26 degree temparatures!!!! In april!!! We are lucky to reach that in august yet alone april. I have a forrsythia. I admit to being a telly adict, however I Sky+ more or less everything and then watch after I come back from school when I’m too tired to do any gardening

  2. Tracy says

    Cara! Thanks you have answered a question I have been having about this bush I have in front of our new house!! I finally know what it is!! 🙂

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