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a week of spring: tulip

I walked in the door tonight and dinner was made!  I have to confess something and you can’t tell my parents:  I love brussel sprouts.  Add a little olive oil and some creative spices (Chris used a spice mixture from Oleana, the most amazing restaurant ever), and these little nutritious bundles taste so delicious (and load you up with Vitamin C, A, B6 and other great stuff).

Today (ahem–meatless Monday might I remind you), I would like to share with you a photo of one of my revered tulips.  It is oh so close to blooming, yet beautiful even without the color.  Tulips are like graceful sculptures with their long, sweeping leaves.  Their colors are dramatic and, sadly, short-lived.  I think this is what makes them special and what makes us enjoy them so very much.  They are little reminders to enjoy the important moments in life, even if they don’t last long.

Tulips began in Asia and were introduced to the Netherlands, where a "tulip mania" began in the 1600s. These tulips were so sought after, the price became extraordinarily high and then crashed. In fact, this is considered the first documented "economic bubble." It is easy to see why, because these flowers are gorgeous. If you have any ground space at all (or even a big pot), you should definitely plant some this fall to enjoy them next spring. It is worth the effort.

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