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the inevitable end of harvest

Putting the garden to bed for the winter is a sad and daunting task.  Even though we have a small yard, we have managed to stuff it full of vegetables and flowers in both beds and pots.  We even planted a baby apple tree, though I have no idea how that will go over once it starts to actually grow. This past Sunday, we got up and did the “inventory” to see what is left to do.  We must have had a frost, as the tomatoes and peppers were officially gone.  To my surprise, there are a few plants hanging on for dear life and–shockingly–flourishing.  The amaranthus is going strong. We will still have carrots for a little while it seems. The mums are of course in their prime. The dahlias were still in full bloom and the red roses were (and still are) incredibly bright against the dull November gray background.

November Dahlia

Besides a steaming cup of coffee, crunchy leaves, and the time spent with Chris outside, what made me happiest was seeing the herbs green and growing.  The rosemary topiary went into a pot for indoor winter use and I picked chives, parsley, and thyme to use in our brunch of eggs (certified humane Pete & Gerry’s), grapes, Morningstar Farms veggie sausage, and Sarabeth’s marmalade on toast).

From April through autumn, there are always cut flowers in our house from the garden. The best little gifts November left for us were two last bouquets: white mums put into an old blue canning jar from my grandmother and dahlias, hollyhocks, and mums in a plain glass vase.  Winter hasn’t started and I am already aching for spring, but when I look back at what my little garden gave me this past season, it makes me smile.

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  1. Valerie says

    I love this new blog! I am totally a winter person, but your images and descriptions of your garden make even a snow bunny like me long for the return of spring.

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