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great gifts on Etsy

I love Etsy so much.  It deserves a shout out.  I’ve purchased many gifts at this online marketplace and maybe I can inspire you to find some cool gifts, whether it be for a new baby, your best friend, your mother, or your favorite gardener.  You can find unique items and things you simply can’t find in big stores.  Your purchases will also help support the small man. Here are a few things I have that are from Etsy (many are gifts from my awesome friend, Bree and I don’t use the word awesome lightly).   Click the image to get to the Etsy vendor’s site. Here are some things I’ve purchased for others.  Happy gifting!

finding beauty in nature and imperfection: wabi-sabi

Mother Earth News arrived the other day and I was drawn to an article called “Wabi-Sabi: Finding the Beauty and Peace in Ordinary Things” on page 50.  It was an unusual article for Mother, which usually has a focus on things like growing potatoes or installing eco-friendly heating systems.  This then led me to pick up a four month old copy of Whole Living that I’ve been meaning to finish for too long.  To my surprise, there was an article on page 102 called “Wabi Sabi Your Life: Simple Strategies for Embracing Imperfection.” I rarely read an article more than once and I found myself reading these two articles over and over because I felt so connected to this philosophy. What is wabi-sabi you ask?  It sounds like it should be a side to sushi.  It is really hard to find a proper Webster’s definition, but it is a Buddhist and Japanese idea that we should find beauty in flaws and connect with the natural world.  It is open to interpretation, but it seems to have …