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Ten on Ten August 2013

The 10th of the month hasn’t been cooperative the last few months, so what a joy when the 10th of August happened to fall on a day when Anderson and I decided to hop in the car to meet Grammy and Papa in Ogunquit, ME.  Ogunquit has so many good memories for us.  The first real “weekend away” for Chris and I happened to be in Ogunquit eight years ago.  It is a beautiful place with the Marginal Way walk and Perkins Cove and the BEST coffee shop on the planet.  Where else on earth can you have a really great cup of coffee while sitting on the beach? So, here is our little day in Ogunquit on the 10th of August. For more information about Ten on Ten, visit my inaugural Ten on Ten post or the creator of Ten on Ten, Rebekah Gough. It was a good day. Related articles Traveling to Ogunquit, Maine ( The Leaning Tree in Ogunquit, Maine (