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the best granola ever made

Sleeping in is physically impossible for me. Often Anderson will wake up around 5:00 am. He’ll come into our room with the sweetest little pitter patter of feet that always wake me up and he’ll ask me, “Momma, can I get in the big bed?”

vegan chewy chocolate and coconut granola bars

I mentioned our obsession with using food up that we have in a recent post.  This isn’t just to save moola (though all savings are helpful as I head into unpaid maternity leave time).  Ethically, it makes me ill to throw food away when there are so many going hungry.  Also, why should I contribute to greenhouse gasses by allowing my extra garbage to break down in a landfill? Click here to read more about this.  It has been even more challenging with a new baby.  I’m lucky if I have time to actually eat let alone cook anything. I had a bag of sweetened coconut left over from a coconut cake as well as half a bag of chocolate chips.  A lactation consultant told me to eat oatmeal to boost milk production, so I had the hubby grab a whole big container of oats recently.  I had this crazy idea that I’d try to make a sweet, soft, chewy granola bar.  I’d love to say it is uber healthy and full of dried fruit and nuts (and …