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bourbon hot chocolate

Yes, I’m posting about hot chocolate in June. As I write this, it is 48 degrees outside and our heat is on. Yes, I’m clearly smitten with bourbon and it finds its way into so many things I’ve made lately. And no, I don’t only consume chocolate, heavy cream, and bourbon, though if I were the type of person with a raging metabolism, I probably would. As good as it is on the rocks with ginger ale and lime on a hot summer day, the sweet warmth of bourbon also serves as an excellent comfort drink for a wet, cold-to-the-bone kind of day. 

vegan food for friends–smores included!

Last weekend, some very special friends came over to have a little summer kick-off dinner on the back deck.  This included furry friends, too. Since Elinor is 100% vegan and Joanne is a total foodie with a side degree in cooking (no pressure, right?), I decided to challenge myself.  Rather than rely on the easy standards like cheese and crackers and spinach artichoke dip, I went totally vegan! It was so much fun making Toad in the Hole, hummus, bean salad, cous cous,  chilled berry soup, and of course the sangria.   The salad with ginger carrot dressing and smores that my lovely guests brought were the icing on the cake. Over the next few posts, I’ll share some of the yummy vegan recipes that you can use to host your own vegan dinner.  Today I’ll start with the smores that Elinor brought because they are easy and too good for words. smores ingredients sweet & sara vegan marshmallows (the toasted coconut version is my fav) vegan chocolate bar (be sure to find a fair trade brand) graham …