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beauty product makeover: cruelty-free body lotion

It is election day.  Things are intense.  CNN has been on since we returned from voting.  I am a responsible citizen and I care about our future. But…I’m so tired of this election.  I am worn out by the negative commercials.  I am irritated by the amount of junk mail I’ve received.  I can’t stand the political stalking of my house phone number.  Apparently, before I returned from work, someone came to my door JUST to makes sure I planned to vote for Elizabeth Warren today.  I am weary of all of the angry candidate bashing on Facebook.  Enough is enough.

So, I’m busting out a girly post here to lighten things up.  Who doesn’t love talking about beauty products?  Even better, who doesn’t love using a health and beauty product that is free of any cruelty to animals? In fact, I think I’ll turn this into a series on assessing what I have and how it rates in terms of cruelty-free-ness (or lack thereof).

We’ve been a cruelty-free household for many years.  There have been a few exceptions, such as the night we ran out of dishwasher soap and the only thing I could find was Palmolive or something like that at a late-night convenience store.  There have been a few times that I’ve used bleach. I stupidly bought a large pack of Dove deodorant on a whim at Costco that I still haven’t used up.  I also bought a Cover Girl mascara on the road out of desperation a few months ago.  Oh, and toothpaste.  I haven’t been able to find a natural toothpaste that has let me go 2 years without a cavity. However, when it comes to our laundry soap, kitchen soaps, hand soaps, anything soaps, make-up, shaving cream, hair stuff, shampoos, bath suds, cleaning products, and every other possible product imaginable, we’ve done a good job sticking to our guns.

Or so I thought.  Some further research tells me that I, the one who thought she was SO informed, was wrong about a few products.

I have too many products floating around and I’m determined to simplify.  Look at this!  What a mess.  How does one woman end up with so many products?

I’m starting with the gazillion body lotions I have piling up.  Let’s assess.

H2O + gets a thumbs up
apricot-peche shimmering body souffle
On the Peta bunny list?  Yes
I loved receiving this lotion as a gift from my sister.  It smells edible and it makes your skin shimmery, but not in an obnoxious way.
Other H20 + products to try:
sea marine hair care duo  and Softening Mint Foot Rub
Bonus: They focus efforts on preserving our oceans.

Shikai gets a thumbs up
Gardenia Hand & Body Lotion
On the Peta bunny list?  Yes
My husband put this in my Christmas stocking because he loved the smell so much.  It is a bit strong, but smells lovely and it is very creamy and non-greasy.
Other Shikai product to try:
Color reflect shampoos and conditioners.  I’ve used the mist and go spray leave-in conditioner and the platinum color reflect conditioner and I endorse both.

Boots gets a so/so, but mostly a thumbs down
cocoa butter body butter
On the Peta bunny list? No (not on their list of companies that do OR don’t)
This is a UK-based company that offers every kind of product imaginable, from makeup to foot care.I did a little research and found that though Boots does not test their products on animals, they aren’t committing to using ingredients that have not been tested on animals.  I’ve used many Boots products because they are easily accessible at Target and quite affordable.
Other products to try?  None.  There are more ethical companies out there with products that are just as good or better and affordable.

St.Ives gets a thumbs down
Collagen Elastin advanced body moisturizer
On the Peta bunny list?  No (not on the list of companies that do OR don’t
I’ve used this product for years because the packaging states “This product not tested on animals.”  It is in every pharmacy and it is super inexpensive.  The moisturizer works fine (nothing special) and I typically slather it on after a shower if I’m looking parched.
Through further research, I learned that the company was purchased by evil empire, Unilever, and the line on the packaging has been removed.  I will not be purchasing anything by this brand going forward.
Other products to try? None.

Avon gets a thumbs down
Skin So Soft
On the Peta bunny list?  No.  Avon is on the list of companies that do test.   In fact, they got into a bit of trouble for making the claim that they don’t test on animals.
Other products to try?  None!

Bath & Body Works gets a thumbs up
True Blue Spa shea it isn’t so foot lotion
On the Peta bunny list?  Yes!
This is an incredibly affordable and accessible brand that can be found in malls and strip malls all over.  They are, of course, known for their heavily scented products.  This shea foot lotion is wonderful.  Slather it on under a cotton pair of socks for a few hours and your rough, dry feet will be transformed.
Other products to try:  I LOVE the smell of the Stress Relief (Eucalyptus and Spearmint) line, part of the Aromatherapy collection.

Just for fun, I just discovered another blog today that has lovely information about natural beauty products.  Check her out!   http://beautybybritanie.com


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  2. tracy tighe says

    I didnt know that about st. Ives. I do love h2o and shikai products.

  3. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who tries and tries to stay au natural and cruelty free but still manages to let products I don’t approve of creep in and then pile up! Question is, once you’ve cleaned out the cabinets, what do you do with all the products you don’t want to slather on your body/face/counter, etc anymore?! I hate throwing it all away because I feel so wasteful, and sometimes I’ll even admit that I feel guilty donating it because I don’t want anyone else using it if I don’t personally approve of it! *torn*

  4. Like your blog! I checked out the Beauty by Britanie blog, and didn’t see anything about her being cruelty free. Maybe I missed it.

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